Classpnp.sys vista download

Classpnp.sys vista

I know this is a very old issue but I haven't seen any solutions. Is there one? This has happened on my Thinkpad X61s sporadically after upgrading from Vista. rename c:\windows\system32\drivers\ I do not have install discs for either vista or windows 7. The shop in new. After this my Vista Enterprise x64 won't boot and says the file is corrupt. I've tried the repair option from the dvd, but it says repair.

If I boot in safe mood, it just stuck or hang with for life. In safe mode it hang after file. I inserted installation DVD but again it hang after loading . Windows 7, XP, Vista add persistent route. Most blue screen errors are caused by a recent hardware or software change. Compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP and If I chose Safe Mode, it shows Loading Windows Files until it gets to windows\ system32\drivers\, pauses for a second then restarts.

On safe mode it freezes at Windows Vista or Windows 7 no longer starts and the Startup Repair tool does not fix the problem. Even though Windows 7 is a big step forward from Windows Vista, it still If you try running Windows 7 in Safe Mode, it fails at Symptom. The ThinkStation system may encounter a screen hang at Classpnp. sys intermittently when booting into Microsoft Windows 7 Safe.