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Iaft 1715

IAFT Luggage claim for Moves in Permanent Transfer. (Details in respect of claim). Rank /Name. Corps/Office. Personal No. Pay Account No.: Pay. I.A.F.T. - TRAVELLING ALLOWANCE CLAIM FOR MOVES ON PERMANENT TRANSFER. Details in respect of the Claimant. Name. ofthe Lifeand Character ot' the Late Bp. of Salisbury, by Mr. Sewel, 1Ш A Compendions Hillory of the Mod Remarks- ble PafTages of the Iaft>i4 years.

rule 4(i) tr. claims for moves on temporary duty (tour) - CDA Guwahati. Penal interest for the T A advance should be remitted if the claim is not TR See Rule (c) of. razarhawk.com are to be submitted in form i.a.f.t duly signed by the employee and attested by the officer-in-charge. 2. copy of the authority for move on. The bill has been prepared on prescribed form i.e. I.A.F.T. and submitted in original alongwith connected documents. All the columns viz Name, Grade.

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