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Curl retry

The following statement will retry 5 times or a maximum of 40 seconds with a connection timeout of 5 seconds, and no exponential backoff. Let me try to clarify. When curl decides to do a retry (because --retry is used and the conditions were such that a retry is warranted) and a --retry-max-time was. Could curl add a --retry-connrefused flag? Some users requested this several times over the years and @gnawhleinad provided a patch.

As far as I can tell this is because the retry mechanics at curl/blob/curl-7_54_0/src/tool_operate.c#L do not check for. On Tue, 28 Apr , Oren Amsalem wrote: > I'm working with very problemtic servers, And I've not found a retry option > in the curl manual. I see that there is an option to retry option (--retry xx) option, but I -> can't get it to work when an established connection has been severed, such.

The --retry command attempts to redo a transfer if an attempt failed due to what's considered a "temporary" problem. Current, a DNS failure is. After googling and man reading and such for a while I have figured out a solution that worked for me: curl ftp://server/dir/file[].ext --user. Learn how to optimize curl for downloading network resources in your batch This is probably not your definition of success. doesn't retry on. You can tell curl to retry with the --retry option: curl --retry 10 will retry up to ten times to download the given URL. It's worth checking the.