Borderlands 1 save data download

Borderlands 1 save data

So in the extras menu it says that if it finds your save data from borderlands 1 it unlocks some extra customization options. Does anyone know. I just bought borderlands for the pc since this summer i will be doing a lot of travelling and not be near my xbox, and i figured it was a solid game to kill time with. Savegame for Borderlands The game passed by %!. Save – Sirena 20 lvl. Save – Soldier 33 lvl. Save – Soldier 36 lvl. Save – Soldier 48 .

I have had no luck getting a Complete % Game Save together for the Borderlands 1 Achievements. I do however have these Saves that. For Borderlands on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Where is the save file location?". prochobo 8 years ago#1. I'm using Windows 7 and I've looked in C:\Users\{username}\Documents\My Games\Borderlands\SaveData. Hey guys, playing all borderlands through again from start to finish, but I really do not want to play through the first playthrough 1. /r/Battleborn for that other game by Gearbox Software that is was sucking precious, precious.

BorderLands Siren Details: Level 69 + inventory slots + cash 3 cyan weapons Over + more they are pretty good borderland game saves try them and test them. 0useful Posted: Fri Jun 21, pm. Newer build of my Borderlands save editor, fixes the problem with editing Roland (Soldier) saves, as well as . September 1, at pm. WillowTree# is a save editor for Borderlands written in C#. savegame files from PC, PS3, and Xbox versions of the Borderlands game.