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I've been trying to create a selfboot disc lately but failed due to's incompatibility to Win7. So I was forced to install virtual machine. dreamcast-tools/selfboot/bin2boot/. @esc0rtd3w · esc0rtd3w Added load latest commit information. · Added Extracted SelfBoot Tools, 2 years ago. DOS program by Xeal: BIN2BOOT now should work on Win2K with this GUI. Have fun with this release, thanks to Xeal.

Double click the cdirip exe in the cdirip folder and point it to your CDI disc image file. When it asks Open and enter "". More Dreamcast binaries hack/patch tools. This package includes, and BIN2Boot CDDA version» KiB - 11, hits. I know of, but it wo't run on my bit Windows 7. So, is there some converting program that works on a bit OS? 4 comments.

of my images are in Bin/Cue format, and I can't seem to get bin2boot to or a bin to iso, for that matter. could use the possibly. You should see files such as,, .. Alternatively, just double click on the file in your Dir2Boot\Tools folder. And therefore not working. Right click on and open with notepad, and paste the contents here. Also: try renaming to I have included a Dummy File maker called "". Since you are going to be using Bin2Boot to make your selfboot CDI, you need to include that.