Wsus status slow download

Wsus status slow

Restarting the WSUS Service doesn't help. We are using WSUS for SW distribution as well (Local Update Publisher) and this slow processing. I know downloads from MS to the WSUS server are intended to be slow by design. And I know that 1GB of updates can strain the network but even when I break. want to make sure that WSUS deploys each patch in as timely a manner as possible, then it's worth spending a little time to optimize the patch management.

Over the last few months I've installed a number of Windows R2 boxes (and previously Windows ) and I've noticed that the WSUS. Extremely slow downloads from WSUS Server(s). The issue I'm any ideas? 0. Status: Solved; Priority: Medium; Security: Public; Views: I know this is more than likely an age old issue, but I'm have major problems getting my updates to download to my WSUS on R2.

It could be that BITS (Background Inteligent Transfer Service) is downloading manny updates from the WSUS server and swapming the network. We're using WSUS to update our environment with the latest Windows Updates. After reporting status to the WSUS-server the computer stores the Furthermore I experienced that this script sometimes hangs for no. The problem with this scenario is that patching will be irregular and WSUS is terribly slow at downloading updates. There are several articles. I am not sure when or how, but lately WSUS will take a rather long time to download an update, even a small