Minecraft village schematic download

Minecraft village schematic

Browse and download Minecraft Village Projects by the Planet Minecraft community. I had nothing to do and I decided to collect all the structures generated in a NPC village. If you want to build an NPC city this pack is just for you In the next. When I say "functional" what I mean is that the game will recognize these as valid village buildings and as such each build I post will be devoid.

I had no idea this would be so popular I'll add a blacksmith into the village and update this schematic later today (EST time) at around 5PM. Minecraft Towns creations. Stonehill Medieval Village · Stonehill Medieval Village. Rated from 12 votes and 2 comments. Details & download». These are schematics for every building that can be found in a normal Minecraft village as well as a lamp post, well and villager just in case you.

The zip-file contains the minecraft world and schematics for every structure: 16 for every biome, 64 in total; Every structure fits ina 15x15 area. 1 Village generation; 2 Blueprints. Blacksmith; Butcher shop; Church; Farm; Lamp post; Large house; Library.