Map editor ets2 download

Map editor ets2

1, Map Editor, Navigate to either: Retail: Program Files (x86)/Euro Truck Simulator 2 or Program Files (x86)/American Truck. Additional Background images for ETS2 mapeditor. This background images offset and connect from the corner of default Europe. You have to edit some. To open the editor, type edit and press enter. After a few seconds the editor window should appear, with a car model on the.

How to go in the map editor - How to use the[/url] (extract it in C:\ Users\Utilisateur\Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2) Initial_save. Can someone please descripe step by step the setup for the map editor for the ETS2 s version here, because I'm totally stuck right now. Is it possible to edit the map with the Steam Version? I can't run the steam version in administrator mode, and when I try to edit Europe, all I get.

it is a small tutorial how to make a map in ETS2 builds. and sorry that the pictures have a bad graphic that I have from the internet. PS: Would be glad if am.