Iphone 3gs backlight not working solution download

Iphone 3gs backlight not working solution

I have and iPhone 3gs 16 GB white case. i was playing a game on it, in my house , and then 5 what do I need to do to fix the backlight?. But Now backlight is not working at all even after on/off switch and reset. I have tried everything. But please let me know how to fix it. Phone is. iFUBAR SERIES: WHY IPHONE BACKLIGHT COIL REPAIR IS A FARSE in Springfield, Missouri that mentioned repairing iPhone 3GS coils on their website. THE ONLY "SAFE" SOLUTIONS TO THE DIM SCREEN ISSUE.

I have an iphone 3g 8gig that got wet. What is the fix for this? I have a broken 3gs backlight after trying to put a 3g lcd screen in it (oops). YouTube - IPhone 3gs backlight fix, 6r8 coil replacement EBay seller id. 3Gs LCD Display backlight Not Working Complete Repair Solution. someone had this problem 2? and how did you fix it? . The solution from the Genius bar was to put me in a 3GS as my iphone is out of.

Since the days of the iPhone 3Gs, modern coils are surrounded by When folks started hiring other people to fix their iphone backlight circuits. Some aftermarket iPhone screens have stopped providing touch functionality Additionally, most repair shops have since updated their screen component in brightness or color since the display's backlight isn't an original part. 4 (GSM) · Fix a broken iPhone 4 (CDMA) · Fix a broken iPhone 3GS or 3G.