Detailed bolted joint calculations xls download

Detailed bolted joint calculations xls

Purpose of calculation: Determine force distribution in a bolted joint. Calculation Reference Machine Design Juvinall Scahum's Machine. 1, Calculation of safety factor guarding against joint opening. 2. 3, Bolts: 5/, Stainless Steel socket head cap screws, 1 inch long. 4, Outer Wall Flange. 2, 3, To determine properties of a joint preload by bolts. 4, By Alex 9, Ebolt, E+05, Young's modulus of bolt. 10, vbolt.

2, The most basic design calculation for bolted joints is to divide the joint load ( Pmax) by the bolt proof stress (Sp). 3, to obtain the needed bolt cross section area. - Download as Excel Spreadsheet .xls), PDF File . pdf), Text DesignWorks 4-Nov Bolted Joint Calculator (OK to modify blue. 2, Please note: The NORD-LOCK torque calculator is supplied free of . For solid structural steel joints using grade bolt without lubricant.

4, External thread (bolt) parameters - A stud in tapped hole, Thread Properties 17, F, , kips, Force required to fail joint, which is the same value as Class 3A. . , Ac, , in2, Use area from equivalent cylinder calculation. 1, M BOLTED CONNECTIONS EXCEL CALCULATIONS Each of the four methods of understanding and controlling bolted joint performance is outlined. This 3-PDH course can be used to calculate the: shear, bending, and torsion strength of many types of bolted joints. The calculations within this live spreadsheet. 5, Joint types are partial depth flexible end plates, fin plates, double angle cleats, The default connection detail will be the recommended standardised detail 17, Some toolbars and features have been hidden - these will be restored as the spreadsheet closes. . 22, Tying resistance, kN (Bolt shear), Use Std Detail.