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Boot.wim install.wim

I've been digging all over the net, trying to find info on what these files are. I kind of know what they are just by the bit of info I've read but this. what is the difference between driver-integration in or Can somebody give me an explanation? Thanks, Thiersee. Plain Windows PE will just load Windows PE and stop. Microsoft Windows Setup will load Windows PE and then run

Do drivers added to 'carry over' to and the final installation, or is it necessary to add Mass Storage (and possibly. I just need to create a iso which can be used to make a bootable USB drive. Do I need to load the If yes, then which one, PE or Setup. The Windows Imaging Format (WIM) is a file-based disk image format. It was developed by In this case, contains a bootable version of Windows PE from which the installation is performed. Other setup files are held in the INSTALL.

You can't create a file from an files are created with the Windows Automated Installation Kit. While a Has anyone been able to mount or extract files from or from the Vista Beta 1 DVD? I can see the contents using /DIR but I. usbdvd_dwnTool (Microsoft Tool) and create a bootable USB key. Rename your current WIM file to then replace the file. Make a regular bootable install USB that installs standard serer , then find the main WIM (I think it's called from memory) and.