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After a bath poem

After A Bath, English Poems, Poem by Aileen Fisher. After a bath, I try, try, try. To wipe myself 'till I'm dry, dry, dry. Hands to wipe, and fingers and toes, And two wet legs and a shiny nose. Just think how much less. After A Bath by Aileen my bath I try try try to wipe myself till Im dry dry dry. Hands to wipe and fingers and toes and two wet legs.

After a bath- Nursery Rhyme, children loves to learn rhymes, teaching action rhymes, sing poem with your child. The After a Bath poem seems to be one of them. that he would be able to save so much time drying himself up after bathing if he were a dog. Bath Time poems. Poems related to Bath Timefor handmade cards, scrapbook layouts and other projects. After my bath is done Mommy wraps me in a towel.