Wet asphalt material vray download

Wet asphalt material vray

If you feel that you have created some high quality materials please share them with us using our GET PUBPLISHED form. We would like to enhance our. Wet Asphalt with puddles by Slava Vray version, RC3. 3dsmax version, 8 You can't download materials or leave a comment. Thread: Rain on asphalt razarhawk.com?mat= Found it: razarhawk.com

Although the tutorial is written for max and vray users, the same To sum it up, in order to create a wet asphalt shader we need a diffuse map. Universal wet asphalt 3D Model available on Turbo Squid, the world's 3ds max model of the road with Universal Wet Asphalt Vray material. Fully procedural polished concrete floor material created using Substance Designer. I'm continuing to learn Substance Designer, and I wanted to explore.