Upload speed way higher than download

Upload speed way higher than

My laptop and iPhone download speed were more than 30 times slower So Comcast is tagging all traffic to be treated a certain way by QoS. In the case of most internet providers download speeds are greater than Most residential and small business packages have much faster download speeds. Is there any reason my upload speeds would be so much higher than my download speeds? I've tried fiddling with my router by changing the.

Update, the download speed is much slower than the upload speed. months ago for another subject (high sensitive network application). Learn why your upload speeds are much slower. Due to higher downstream demand, there are more download than upload channels on the. Why are my upload speeds faster than my download speeds? Since you have a built-in router there isn't much you can do other then reset.

Since most users spend much more time downloading (which includes viewing web pages or multimedia files) than they do uploading, high speed Internet. We download faster than we upload because of economics, not physics. of us, the speed at which you upload is way slower than the speed. The desktop is connected directly to the router and is working very well - much faster than the DSL in both download and upload speed. The majority of individuals and small businesses download much more data than they upload. Why dedicate 50% of a connection's capability to.