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Jay z let me introduce myself

The song is called “P.S.A.”. It is easily recognisable by its opening refrain “Allow me to reintroduce myself, my name is ”, hence why you thought that was the. [Jay-Z] This is a public service announcement. Sponsored by Just Blaze Allow me to re-introduce myself Either love me, or leave me alone. Please Allow Me To Re-Introduce Myself: Best Of Jay Z. By Jesse Rivera. 27 songs. Play on Spotify. 1. Medley: IntroJAY Z • In My Lifetime Vol 2.

Lyrics to Public Service Announcement (Interlude) by Jay-Z from the Live from the Allow me to re-introduce myself My name is Hov' (oh) H-to-the-O-V I used to. is a song by Jay-Z kinda of a classic actually i think it starts with (or at least thats where most .allow me to re-introduce myself my name is. Jay-Z's music was always about more than the obvious aspects of being a .. The line lives on in infamy, as a brilliant introduction, and as a snap on "Allow me to reintroduce myself/My name is Hov, (Oh) H-to-the-O-V.

(Jay-Z). Allow me to re-introduce myself, My name is HOV H to the O-V, I used to move snowflakes by the O.Z.. I guess even back then you can call me C.E.O of.