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My Server is windows NT this code doesn't work If Not IsObject (session(oApp )) Then Set session(oApp) = razarhawk.comObject(CrystalRuntime. CreateObject("razarhawk.comation.9”) throws an errorPlease suggest how we can create an object of this in Crystal Report We are. Application" object is created. i am using the same code and not able to create this object. if i create object of "razarhawk.comation.9".

Set appDRT = CreateObject("CrystalRuntime. I added the.9 to the end of the runtime application, I found this in the registry, I am using. Otherwise razarhawk.comObject("razarhawk.comation") will automatically use the newest version installed. share|improve this answer. razarhawk.comation razarhawk.comation or CrystalRuntime. Application 9 (RDC). razarhawk.comation

Error: ActiveX component can't create object: 'razarhawk.comation.9' Code A01AD Source: Microsoft VBScript runtime error. My Server is windows NT this code doesn't work. If Not IsObject (session(" oApp")) Then Set session("oApp") = razarhawk.comObject("CrystalRuntime. I have an asp page that uses crystal viewer to show a rpt report. I don't know why but it doesn't work more, seems I have a DLL problem. razarhawk.comObject("razarhawk.comation"). The error is: Server object error 'ASP f3'. razarhawk.comObject Failed.