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Valkyrie sky online

Valkyrie Sky was a free-to-play, 3D MMO shoot-em-up developed by Yolim Entertainment and published by GameKiss. The game featured many familiar MMO. Valkyrie Sky is a combination of Arcade Shooting and RPG. This game is constructed as Online RPG to suit the modern trend and maximize the. Valkyrie Sky by Yolim Communications had just announced that they will it as MMO SP in short for Massive Multiplayer Online Shoot'em Up~!.

Anything and everything for your Massive Multiplayer Online Role I'm looking for a game like Valkyrie Sky, that was shut down in I assume the game is dead (not a big surprise after that god-awful stupid update they did which totally killed the game). But I can't find any news. GameKiss recently made a post to Valkyrie Sky players, announcing that the we announce the game server of Valkyrie Sky will shut down for the very last time on the Trickster Online revamp coming in late December.