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Heart murmur

Overview. Heart murmurs are sounds during your heartbeat cycle — such as whooshing or swishing — made by turbulent blood in or near your. The "murmur" is the sound of blood flowing. It may be passing through a problem heart valve, for instance. Or it may be that a condition makes. Heart murmurs sometimes sound like a whooshing or swishing noise and may be harmless, also called innocent, or abnormal. Harmless murmurs may not.

Many children have innocent heart murmurs that don?t require any treatment, but medical tests are often needed to check. Heart murmurs are very common, and most are no cause for concern and won't affect a child's health. Learn more about valve disease by experts from the number one heart center, Cleveland Clinic.

A heart murmur itself doesn't need treatment, but sometimes if the murmur is caused by a problem with your heart, then the cause of the murmur may need. If your physician or healthcare provider detects a heart murmur and recommends follow-up tests, he or she may be concerned about the possibility of a valve. While heart murmurs are relatively common, they can indicate a more serious problem. Learn what a heart murmur is and when you should see. During a regular medical checkup, your doctor will use a stethoscope to listen to your heartbeat to determine whether your heart is beating.