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simplified to nay), voted present, voted present to avoid conflict. % of interest, and did not vote or otherwise make a position known. % (these three simplified to. Relevant Information: % This data set includes votes for each of the U.S. House of % Representatives Congressmen on the 16 key votes identified by the % CQA . Hello everyone I am using the for clustering, but I cannot find any description or explanation of the features. For example.

DASL file Voting for the President Reference: Moore, David S., and George P. McCabe (). Abstract: United Stated Congressional Voting Records; Classify as This data set includes votes for each of the U.S. House of. This data set contains information about how each of the U.S. weather. This dataset was already used in Tutorial 1. It is a.

Parallel Algorithm. Here in this paper we show how different association rule algorithms work for voting application. For voting dataset, we consider file. vote Data · December KB · Available from Iftikhar Hussain Babur · Download. In Weka, load the vote arff file (it should be in your Weka\data directory). Run J48 without subtreeRaising or pruning, and include the output of the resulting tree.