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Snuffy the seal

History Channel commercial for shark week shows shark leaping from water and grabbing snuffy the seal who was being released back into. Whether this was your first or fiftieth time watching the Discovery Channel's viral Shark Week ad, “Snuffy the Seal,” the video is sure to have. Here's your end-of-Shark Week update, including the real version of "Snuffy the Seal" and the many, many things that are more likely to kill you.

Snuffy the Seal rose to super-stardom overnight, and won our hearts. But as fast as he rose to fame, his end came even quicker. Visit for his. snuffy the seal. Photo: Discovery Channel. Whichever ad agency came up with this shockingly hilarious ad for the Discovery Channel's "Shark. Story: A news footage shows a rescued seal named Snuffy being grabbed and killed by a Shark when people were releasing it into the sea.