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Php imap library

IMAP library. Build Status Code Coverage Scrutinizer Code Quality Latest Stable Version Total Downloads. A PHP + library to read and process e-mails over. Manage mailboxes, filter/get/delete emails in PHP (supports IMAP/POP3/NNTP) - barbushin/php-imap. imap_8bit — Convert an 8bit string to a quoted-printable string; imap_alerts — Returns all IMAP alert messages that have occurred; imap_append — Append a .

Library to send e-mails over different transports and protocols (like SMTP and IMAP) using immuta Latest release - Updated Jun 4, - stars. The Horde IMAP Client library is the premier PHP solution for interacting with IMAP (and POP3) mail servers. The library presents a fully abstracted interface to . In most cases, this is done using the Internet Message Access Protocol, or IMAP. As a PHP developer, I first turned to PHP's built in IMAP library, but this library is.

I really don't want to work with PHP's IMAP functions directly, not only I've already tried the Horde IMAP library but it throws exceptions about. There are many libraries for PHP which are great to send emails. But which is the most reliable one to request emails from an IMAP account?. Whether writing your own mail client or customizing one of the many open source ones, knowing how to work with the PHP IMAP mail. This package can read and decode email from IMAP or POP3 mailboxes. It can connect to a given IMAP or POP3 email server and perform.