Morenatsu full download

Morenatsu full

A common question I receive is "What routes are complete in Revisited?" After the download links in this description, you can find what I'm calling the "Route. Morenatsu is currently only in Japanese, with characters developed by many different . Cast Full of Gay/Everyone Is Gay: In this game, most of the cast is gay, . Every character has a set of endings, and if you're just not willing to go searching for them we created a directory so that you can search for the specific endings.

I'm slowly rebuilding Morenatsu from the ground up in the Ren'py engine, and .. If you're talking about the original Morenatsu ("full" game), then don't bother. , 18+, Morenatsu ~Revisited~ Version , Freeware Doujin Internet download Fan project aiming to complete the unfinished parts of the game. Here is fully patched zip file, in case if you don't want to manually put unzipped English patch into morenatsu file(make sure to put it inside.

Anyways, this is my first Morenatsu/Summer Vacation fan fiction. .. This is the summer after Morenatsu, so one full year later! Please watch for.