Command and conquer generals zero hour general leang download

Command and conquer generals zero hour general leang

Zero Hour. Role. High-Ranking Chinese General. Actor. Pamela Woon . in order to disable Leang's power grid, or reset the timer of her General's Powers and. This mod makes General Leang playable in Skirmish and Genereals Challange, C&C: Generals Zero Hour mod | Released Aug 3, Command and Conquer Generals, Zero:Hour - What General Leang Has -. I have beaten the General Leang many times, but I am curious what kind of.

Command & Conquer: Generals - Zero Hour/USA Superweapon General The race is on to destroy General Leang before she launches her. A Command & Conquer: Generals (C&C: G) Tutorial in the Other/Misc category, This tutorial will show you how to acquire General Leang, the boss general. Having a hard time beating General Leang: Hello gentlemen, I didn't play Zero Hour for a long time but I got back to it. Back in the days I was.

General Leang - Unlockable: Is it possible to unlock General Leang as a general for skirmish play? Even if I have to use a patch to unlock her.