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Appwave for pc

AppWave works with all types of PC apps, applications that you have developed in house, and of course Embarcadero's own award-winning portfolio of tools for. The AppWave Store is part of the AppWave platform utilizing new "Smart App Streaming" cloud technology to allow users to search for and instantly run PC apps. Select a Free Download for AppWave.

The store is designed to bring the mobile app experience to desktop and notebook PCs, an experience characterized by software that the. The root problem is that PC software should move at the speed of light, on how AppWave newly modernizes PCs via App Store convenience. Embarcadero Technologies today announced the availability of a new version of the AppWave business platform and PC app store designed to.

AppWave is a private PC app store that provides a mobile-like experience for your With AppWave, you discover and immediately run your apps friction free. Over Free PC Apps Available Such as OpenOffice and Adobe Acrobat ReaderMaidenhead, United Kingdom – December 6, True App Store for PCs". Based on their advanced virtualization Embarcadero products (ToolCloud and All-Access) the new AppWave tools. AppWave is a free enterprise grade private PC app store that provides a mobile- like app experience for your Windows PC. AppWave Browser - a dedicated app.