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Nosh on junk and you'll snooze like garbage: Eating lots of sugar can screw with your sleep, a new study from Columbia University suggests. Sleep, sugar, let your dreams flood in. Like waves of sweet fire, you're safe within. Sleep, sweetie, let your floods come rushing in. And carry you over to a new. Who doesn't love a delicious after-dinner dessert? But digging into those cookies or that bowl of ice cream means that you're pumping lots of added sugar into.

How does sugar affect your skin? What about sleep? And sex? We asked dermatologists to weigh in on the biggest skin care myths and. Lights Out: Sleep, Sugar, and Survival (): T. S. Wiley, Bent Formby: Books. Sleep expert Dr. Winter teaches you how to control your sleep to control sugar cravings.

When people are given advice on how to get more sleep, not only do they get more slumber than they used to, they also start eating more.