Frozen throne maps footmen frenzy download

Frozen throne maps footmen frenzy

Map Details for Footman Frenzy v AI ENG. Footman Frenzy v AI ENG, 12 players version Footman Frenzy v AI ENG by moR. Ultimate Footmen Frenzy, 12 players version Ultimate Footmen Frenzy by LoL. Redefined from the two best footmen maps ever: Ultimate. Map Details for Footmen Frenzy Footmen Frenzy , 12 players version Footmen Frenzy by Allmighty Durdell Lumapass NEWEST.

Footmen Frenzy AI (MS) Your goal is to destroy your opponent Town Hall you can play as Human, Orc, Required game: The Frozen Throne As far as I understand you use the same heroes all footmen frenzy maps have. The Warcraft 3 Funmap Footman Frenzy is an oldshool hero and unit battle arena . ++ Download here ++ AI is a great and balanced version!. I've download FOOTMEN FRENZY AI designed by Killer_Mig_Selv from https :// because it has the most downloads.

Highly rated footmen frenzy map with new heroes, items, creep and tech types. I have created an AI footmen map to show how much fun it can. Footman Frenzy v AI Ezraeel WarCraft 3 maps downloads, reviews, and more information.