Devotions for mission trips download

Devotions for mission trips

You can use these devotions during your short-term mission trip reflect spiritually with your group on your experiences. Feel free to adapt the devotions to work. Check to see if the specific Christian Church Region/Area/General Ministries Office sponsoring the mission trip has a CCLI license that would suffice as it would. A daily time of reflection is an essential spiritual component of a God-focused mission trip. To help you make the most of your short-term service.

“What Does God Love?” Today we begin a day series of devotions preparing you to go on a mission trip. This series aims to focus your thinking away from. A free set of Mission Trip devotions for a 7 day trip. Each day's devotion is centered around a Bible story. Is intended to be used twice a day - once in the morning. Mission trips provide a great opportunity for personal growth. To make the most of it, be intentional about seeking God during this time. Ask him to guide you.

Short-Term Mission Teams. Day Devotional. Agape International Missions. Special thanks to Lyndsay Wilkin, Lana Harrison and Paul Menefee. Daily Devotions for Mission Trips. Spiritual Journey Ahead -- Day 1. Over the next several days our focus on taking each of you on a spiritual. I wrote an 8-day mission trip devotional that I used with my youth group when we went for a mission trip to Thailand this year. Since they found it. $ Willing is a four-day devotional study on the life of Philip. It can be done by a group or by individuals. Heart Work for Hard Work: Mission Trip Devotions.