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Asus rog boot logo

This is called the "splash screen" and is typically stored in the boot settings of your BIOS. Nearly every mobo company has this, but ROG boards. Motherboard: ROG STRIX B F Gaming. Let's say I just want to change it to the ole windows 10 logo, how would I do that? And what if I wanted to change it to a specific png/jpeg image file?. My problem is the ROG logo is showing instead of the windows logo on boot. Is there any way to fix this? I want the blue windows logo. Thanks.

Hello to all, Im trying to find something on net but I dont have luck. I want to disable ROG logo when Im booting a windows8. I have ASUS. Hi, When I turn on the Laptop, Asus's logo "Asus in Search of incredible" make my startup a little slower my laptop model: Asus Rog GLVD. Asus ROG Boot Logo problems. Hi I recently bought an Asus Maximus Hero VII and everything worked fine but after formatting my SSD I run.

Hi guys, Whenever I try to install Windows 10 on a GPT drive, Windows boot logo changes resolution. Strangely this only seems to happen. During the windows loading screen I see the blue windows logo with If your system in booting in UEFI mode - you get Asus ROG OEM logo. More about asus hero reset rog logo windows logo advice and you will have quick boot with ROG logo sending you directly to login screen.