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Witches rune

The Witches' Rune. This can be used as an energizing opening ritual for covens, though it really doesn't have the same power in solitary circle. It can, however. The Witches Rune. A chant to be used after casting the Circle to call the Goddess and God. Spell Timing: Any time you practice Magick in a circle. Suggested. The Witches' Chant or Rune. (). Darksome night and Shining Moon, East, then South, then West, then North, Harken to the Witches Rune: Here come I to.

This poem was composed by Doreen Valiente and Gerald Gardner in or It is intended as an energy raising chant to be spoken as. Darksome night and silvery moon. East then south then west then north. To thee we sing a witch's tune. To call the ancient powers forth. Cup for water, airy. S. J. Tucker Witch's Rune lyrics: Darksome night and shining moon / Balance of the dark and light / Hearke.

Darksome night and shining moon. East then South, West and North Hearken to the Witches' Rune Hear! We come to call ye forth. Earth and Water, Air and Fire. The Wiccan Chant is often called the Witches' Rune and has many different versions. Its primary purpose was to aid a group or a solitary witch.