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IUCKJ3: Android # autogenerated by razarhawk.com razarhawk.com= GINGERBREAD razarhawk.com=razarhawk.com3. First download IUCKJ3 Android Gingerbread. Extract and run that file. It is an ODIN version that includes everything you need. 9 Dec - 11 min - Uploaded by mooneyb what firmware runs best on captivate???. good day sir,can you make a video,how to Update.

9 Dec - 8 min - Uploaded by mooneyb Part 1:razarhawk.com?v=_hmck9ES6jM iUCKJ3 Download Link. I used odin to flesh IUCKJ3 and rooted it with IUCKF1-AutoRoot- DesignGears and KK4_stock_kernel that suppose to have cmw built in it. razarhawk.com - (from IUCKJ3); razarhawk.com - (from IUCKJ3); razarhawk.com - (from IXWKI8). Libraries: razarhawk.com

ROM STOCK SAMSUNG SGH-I VERSION IUCKJ3 ANDROID TESTED % COMENT!. Power your Samsung Captivate i with the goodness of ICS Android Firmware with this simple-to-follow tutorial. after downloading i got this "IUCKJ3_noBL" when i open it i got "IUCKJ3 stock whith out bl" and an empty white boxes and start at the end!!. Software version: IUCKJ3/IATTKF1/IUCJE4/IUCKJ3 IMEI: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx. Product code: SGH-IZKAATT Done with.