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makedepend is a Unix tool used to generate dependencies of C source files. A Windows version was made available sometime and an updated one last  Usage - Purpose - Alternatives. The makedepend program reads each sourcefile in sequence and parses it like a C-preprocessor, processing all #include, #define, #undef, #ifdef, #ifndef. Make Depend. A Makefile rule that typically scans all C/C++ source files in a directory, and generates rules that indicate that an object file depends on certain .

Guideline: As of z/OS V1R11, consider using the z/OS XL C/C++ -qmakedep compiler option instead of the makedepend tool. The -qmakedep compiler option . Having to deal with dependencies in Makefile is a real pain, there are a lot of examples of way to deal with it on the web but none of them is. A secondary problem is that it is inefficient to run make depend, particularly after the first time. Since it modifies makefiles, you typically must do.

Depending on the exact parameters your search might work or not. You have searched for paths that end with makedepend in suite stretch, all sections, and all . The makedepend package contains a C-preprocessor like utility to determine build-time dependencies. This package is known to build and. Determines dependencies of javascript modules and saves them in a Makefile. A bit like makedepend does for C.