E-girls odoru ponpokorin single download

E-girls odoru ponpokorin single

"Odoru Ponpokorin" (おどるポンポコリン; Dance the Pompokorin) is the ninth digital single released by E-girls. It was first released in a short TV-sized version, used as the opening theme song of the anime Chibi Maruko Chan. The One Coin CD and MUSIC CARD editions were. Artist: E-girls; Single: Odoru Ponpokorin (おどるポンポコリン); Released: 13; Catalog Number: RZZD/B (CD+DVD+Colorful Lunch Tote Bag Set). E-girls - Odoru Ponpokorin. E-girls. おどるポンポコリン. Release date: 13 Agust, Artist: E-girls. Album title: おどるポンポコリン. (10th Single).

Released: August 13th, "One Coin CD and MUSIC CARDS" Tracklist. Odoru Ponpokorin (おどるポンポコリン). CD Tracklist. Odoru. Artist: E-girls. Title: Odoru Ponpokorin. Release date: Description: Chibi Maruko Chan Opening Single. Language: Japanese. Odoru Pompokolin is a song by Japanese pop group razarhawk.com, serving as their debut single In August 13, , the girl-group E-girls released a cover of "Odoru Ponpokorin" as their 10th single, coupled with a cover of Dreams Come.

年5月21日 おどるポンポコリン (Instrumental). 4. うれしい!たのしい!大好き!(Instrumental). Download Here. **Please message me if the link isn't working**. EG Smile -E-girls Best- · razarhawk.comn. e-girls · Dance Dance Dance. EG Smile -E-girls Best- · Odoru Ponpokorin. EG Smile -E-girls Best- Perfect World - Single · Dance With Me Now! EG Smile -E-girls Best- · Odoru Ponpokorin. Odoru Ponpokorin - Single