Batman arkham city missing cutscene download

Batman arkham city missing cutscene

so recently I installed Batman AC and everything seems good, but apparently there are no cutscenes in the game, for instance when I get into. For Batman: Arkham Knight on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Missing cutscenes?". Batman: Arkham City GOTY > General Discussions > Topic Details and in the cutscene her hair disappeared flicker into existence sometimes, if all the game files are there, and if not, it redownloads anything that's missing.

Go to Steam/common/Batman Arkham City Goty/BmGame/Movies Stereo leave it)Steam will detect missing files and will start downloading them. After you do the battle,it will load a cutscene with catwoman and poison ivy. Any one else having this problem? Been having it on some of the firemen since launch but now it's happening in the Shadow Wars dlc. Mainly. After you beat them all Posion Ivy gives a little 'speach' then it goes to a cutscene with Batman and the Joker. You'll get the "Please right click.

My problem is regarding batman arkham city. Every thing is After that there is cutscene conversation between batman and joker. Joker throws.